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Free Woodworking Plans

Woodworking Together! Every woodworker looks for free woodworking plans.  Search free woodworking plans on Google and you will get over 5.3 million pages full of free woodworking plans and ideas to keep every woodworker very busy.  Unfortunately, some of the sites have taken woodworking plans from other sites, the plans are really not complete, some try […]

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Frustrated with Woodworking Plans?

 Do Free Woodworking Plans Cost you Money? People search for Free Plans everyday and most of the time, they get what they pay for.  Beginners in woodworking can easily be overwhelmed with poor plans or lack of knowledge to help you get through some of the areas where information in free plans is not provided.  If […]

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Torque Wrench Extension – Increase Measurable Torque

Background on Torque Wrench Extensions Many of us Do-It-Yourself guys do not have a torque wrench that will go up to 600 pounds, so what do you do if you need to accurately tighten a bolt to those specifications?  Rather than spend $400 plus on a new torque wrench, you can easily make one for […]

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Shop Tip: Drill Press Speed Chart

While working on the drill press I always refer to a chart that I have hanging next to the unit to figure out how fast to set the drill speed.  This guide is a must have for anyone with a drill press and we feel its perfect for the the Workshop Addict crowd. Open this in a PDF viewer and print […]

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FastCap Speed Clip

FastCap SpeedClip – Tape Measure Belt & Wall Clip

Never again have torn pants from your tape measure, or better yet, use this to hang them on your wall to help you from misplacing them. As shown in the video above, these can be used on your belt or screwed to the wall. They are priced good and are made well. Keep making your […]

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shop tip sharp

Shop Tip — Dispose of your sharp materials safely with ease

After years of just throwing my stripped out screws and bent nails into the trash, I started to think what kind of damage that would do if I ran it over with my truck. I needed a safer way to get rid of my sharp waste. I happened to notice a “sharps” container for disposing […]

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