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Installing Ceramic Tile Instructions

Preparation for Tile Home improvements can be fun, stressful and life changing, but also very rewarding if you do them yourself.  In our 3 part series we walk you through installing ceramic tile and give you the tips you need for a successful installation with little stress.  We encourage anyone completing a home improvement task […]

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Nike shoe Box plans

Build Giant Nike Shoe Box for Money

Help by Building a Nike Shoe Box for Someone in Your Area Ever since we have posted article about Building a Giant Nike Show Box for Storage and a place to purchase Wooden Nike Shoe Box Plans we have had people from all around the world ask if we would build them the Nike shoe box and […]

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Nike Shoe Box Plans

Free Nike Shoe Box Plans

Plans for Nike Air Jordan Shoe Box Looking to build your own replica Nike Air Jordan Shoe Box for storage?  We have the plans to help you construct this project yourself.  These plans include a cut list, pictures and detailed instruction on how to build a Nike Shoe Box in your own workshop.  The project […]

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Build a Powered Camera Dolly

 Project by Glass Impressions Why you should build your own dolly During the production and editing of my YouTube videos, I began to notice the same camera shot at the table saw over and over. I wanted something to add a little character to my videos and give me another option when filming typical machining […]

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Nike shoe Box plans

Build a Giant Nike Shoe Box for Storage

Why did I build a replica Nike shoe box? I built a giant Nike Air Jordan shoe box for a client who collects Air Jordan Shoes. As a collector, he was fed up with storing Air Jordan shoes on the steps or in a closet. Different designs for this replica Nike shoe box are on […]

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Colered Pencil Bottle Stopper

Colored Pencil Bottle Stopper Turning Project

Maybe you’ve seen these colored pencil projects that have been turning up on the internet lately. These are a cool way to come up with a unique project, but there are some things you should know before trying one of these. I take you step by step on how to make a colored pencil bottle […]

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How to make a cutting board that looks amazing!

Cutting boards can be very addicting and satisfying to make. Once you make one or two of them, you will be on your way to comfortably making many many more. The above video is here to help others who want to make some cutting boards, but just aren’t sure how to go about it. Now, […]

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Easy way to learn SketchUp

Our 12 part series walks you through beginner and novice tasks and keeps walking you through more and more complex things you can do with Google SketchUp. Move through the videos at your own pace and enjoy the learning process. You can also post questions in our Sketchup & CAD Talk Forum.

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