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Bosch Speed Clean Bits Review in SDS-Plus & SDS-Max

For Your Health

IMG_20160310_161819786Drilling holes in concrete is always very interesting, but just like wood, the dust can be very harmful to your respiratory system.  Today contractors are looking to protect their employees but also complete work faster to be able to win bids and put more money in their pocket.  The Bosch Speed Clean Bits do exactly as they state, they drill very clean holes through concrete because the dust us pulled up through the bit keeping the hole free from dust.  This allows for 25% faster drilling and the speed is very noticeable.  Since the dust is carried away to a vacuum through holes in the bit, the air is clean and the silica dust in the concrete will not enter workers lungs keeping them safe.  Also, if you are using an adhesive, such as the Simpson Strong Tie, this will allow you to save more time by not having to clean the dust out of the hole.  The hole is amazingly clean after drilling has stopped, proven my our pictures with out inspection camera.

Stay Healthy

IMG_20160310_162046771As a teenager I was working with my Grandparents either on the farm or in construction.  Many of the chemicals or dust we were breathing back then are considered now to be harmful.  Some of the chemicals that people said were 100 percent safe are now banned from use because they cause cancer.  It seems that long term breathing of almost any dust or chemical while working can have negative effects on your health as you get older.  Many do not think about this while they are young, but safety is important.

IMG_20160310_161952281The Bosch Speed Clean Bits are a product that combines safety with speed and allows contractors to recoup the investment in the tools.  Normally tools that protect employees or meet OSHA guidelines are not cost effective!  Working with the Bosch Speed Clean bits was a pleasure because they did everything advertised and more.  The system was well thought out and one could walk into an office with this system and drill a hole in concrete next to a worker at a desk.  Other than the noise, there would be no dust in the air or on the floor.  The speed clean bit is amazing and easy to use.

Must Have

IMG_20160310_161802340Contractors who built concrete buildings, bridges or structures need to look into this system simply to save time and keep employees on the job longer.  Good employees can be hard to find, so keep them healthy and productive.  Bosch Power Tools has been know as an industry leader in professional tools and these bits are one more product that proves the commitment to peoples health and the productivity on the jobsite.


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