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Bosch Power Tools GSA18V-083B Compact Reciprocating Saw Review

Single Handed Recip Saw

IMG_20160803_195623811The Bosch Power Tools GSA18V-083B 18V Compact Reciprocating Saw is designed to be more ergonomic and easier to use in situations where you have less room. While the tool is light, many people think this tool is best used overhead.  We are a huge fan of this style unit, but less for overhead and more for small tasks where you want to run the saw with one hand.  Overhead, we find that you can put some odd stress points on your wrist and it would be more comfortable with a compact normally designed reciprocating saw.  While this saw lacks an adjustable shoe, it does make up for it in power.  This saw was used to cut down a 7″ tree with one hand and power was the least of our concern.  The smooth action of the .83″ stroke was easy on our wrist yet enough to remove the saw dust from binding up the blade.

This style recip saw is fun to use in many ways.  Gone are some of the major vibrations you find in lesser quality models and the speed of cut is optimized for both wood and metal.  We found our testing materials ranging from different metals to wood and plastic of many thicknesses.  No matter what we threw at the saw, with the appropriate blade, we were able to cut through it.  At one point, we felt a bit more like we were testing blades than the saw, but the Bosch recip saw complimented each blade with smooth and powerful operation.

GSA18V-083B Features

  • Lightweight design – weighs 4.4 Lbs. without battery
  • 15-3/4 In. length
  • 0.83 In. stroke
  • LED light
  • Toolless blade-change system
  • Ergonomic soft-grip handle
  • Switch lock
  • Variable-speed trigger

Why This Tool

IMG_20160803_195659973If you are looking at the design and asking yourself why, you are not alone.  The first thing we thought when this tool came into our shop was why try to redesign such a good tool.  The fact is that this tool design is better at many applications than the old standby model.  This design especially stands out when you are working and need your second hand to hold on to material or brace yourself.  The ability to run this smooth saw with one hand, get into tight places and simply have all the power you need is an absolute treat.  Rather than asking yourself if you need this, we encourage you to try it somewhere.  The experience is well worth it and we believe that you will find that you like it.  This tool has it place and Bosch Power Tools is known for the quality of tools and bringing a tool to market that is fit for the contractor.

PRICINGBosch GSA18V-083B 18 V Compact Reciprocating Saw Bare Tool



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