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Bosch GWS18V-45PSC EC Brushless Connected 4-1/2″ Angle Grinder Review

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The Bosch GWS18V-45PSC 4-1/2″ angle grinder stand out from many other battery operated angle grinders on the market because of the user interface and 3-speed modes.  This Bosch is also an HD model and can utilize all of the power of the new Core 18V batteries.  The angle grinder has a LED color user interface that changes color based on grinder operating status: green for fully operational, yellow identifies a low battery or thermal issue warning, red lets the user know the battery is dead or the thermal issue caused a cutout and blue means the grinder is connected to a mobile device. The interface can also blink red telling the user that one of the protections from the grinder’s advanced electronics including drop control or kickback control.

This new angle grinder allows for use of the Bosch GCY30-4 Bluetooth connectivity module allowing users to connect to the tool through the Bosch ToolBox App.  Users can customize the grinder accessories including turning on the soft-start function, set the brightness of the LED, plus receive battery charge and safety information.  Most of these items are preference items that users can set to make the tool perform as they like and will not be changed over and over.  One can also find the tool specifications and maintenance features inside the app.


The Bosch GWS18V-45PSC 4-1/2″ angle grinder has the same power as the Bosch GWS18V-45C 4-1/2″ angle grinder that we recently compared to the Milwaukee M18, Hitachi 18-volt, and Dewalt Flexvolt.  Watch that video to see how the runtime of all the angle grinders stands up to each other along with their power.

These new angle grinders from Bosch will run with the other tools on the market thanks to the new Core 18V battery.  Once you get used to the user interface, it becomes hard to imagine using a tool without it.  With an angle grinder, it is nice to know how the tool is performing thermally along with the battery fuel with a quick glance.  Bosch really nailed the design and concept of this tool.  The only item that we really did not see working is the LED light.  The idea of an LED light on an angle grinder is tough because of the placement of it and the amount of dust that can cover it.  In this case, the light does not shine in an area where the cutting wheel, grinder or cup wheel would be.  Maybe someday the placement and function of an LED light can be improved.

If you are already in the Bosch 18-volt line, this is a must-have tool!


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