Bosch CSW41 – Durability and Power


The Bosch CSW41 has quickly become a contractor favorite because of their excellent build quality and good overall weight.  The saw features light weight magnesium motor housing and foot plate construction to help with fatigue.  Even if you are not a contractor, this worm drive saw should be looked at when you are going to purchase a circular saw.  While the trend is to move to cordless models, this model is corded and will not have the chance that batteries will no longer be made or supported.

The Bosch worm drive saw weighs in at a hair over 13 lb.  The cast magnesium foot is perfect for breaking down sheet goods with a simple plywood track for accuracy. It has a bevel gauge from 0-53 degrees that is clearly marked with positive stops at 0 and 45 degrees. Depth of cut is also uniquely marked and easy to use.

Bosch CSW41 Worm Drive Specifications

  • Weighs 13.1 pounds
  • 17-1/2″ length
  • 7-1/4″ blade size, diamond arbor shape
  • 5300 RPM
  • Light weight magnesium motor housing and foot plate construction
  • Max bevel capacity: 53° with positive stop at 45°
  • Max cutting depth at 90°: 2-3/8″
  • Max cutting depth a 45°: 1-15/16″
  • 15 amp ball bearing motor provides power for a variety of cutting applications
  • Built-in hook for convenient saw storage between cuts
  • On-board storage for included multi-function wrench
  • Compatible with WD7RIP adjustable fence and WD7LUB gear lubricant

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Already On Site

The first thing I did when I received this saw was take a ride out to a jobsite where my buddy was building a house.  At that time I was planning to work with him for a day and feel out the saw and also hear the opinions of some of his employees.  In the back of my mind I was thinking he would love this saw and soon own a few.  I showed up ready to give the saw a workout and show it off a bit but I quickly noticed that the two other circular saws he had out where the exact same model.  I was able to spend the day helping out and using their saws that have had a few months of use, including some bumps and bruises.

Our Testing

Since we were able to have our hands on this saw for a good time in the field, we wanted to come back to the shop and complete the same cutting of four sheets of 1/2″ OSB to be able to show people who watch our videos, the power and speed of this saw compared to others.  This saw is 5,300 rpm, a bit faster than others, and has the torque to keep the saw moving along efficiently.  The Bosch Worm Drive Circular Saw has been by far the most powerful saw we have tested to date.  It should be clear in the sound and speed of the cut in the video.

Looks Similar to…..

Yes, the new CSW41 Bosch Worm Drive Saw looks almost exactly like the Skil Mag77LT circular saw.  That is no surprise since SKIL Power Tools is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Robert Bosch GmbH.  Skill has long been a leader in the worm drive circular saw market.



In my opinion, this circular saw should be one that you can expect to hand down to your kids.  I have a few Skil circular saws from my Grandfathers construction company and I believe this to be a vastly improved model with the same heavy duty standards.  The markings are very clear and all the adjustments are easy to get at and move.  The rubber overmold grips are in perfect placement and work well even when covered in saw dust.

While this unit does not come with a case, I was very happy to see it had on board tool storage.  Over time, I seem to mix and match the tools and tool kits that come with the tools.  Before I know it, the right tools are not with the tool anymore.  With on board tool storage, that is not a problem and it also allows me to have the tools with me at all times, even if I am working in the rafters.

Something we do not talk about much anymore is the cord.  It is fairly long and very pliable.  While I have not used this saw in sub-zero temperatures, it feels like it will perform well and not crack.  All the saws that I used had the extension cord tied in a knot to the saw cord so the saw would not lose power when used in the rafters.  None of the cords looked fatigued in the slightest.

If you are looking for a powerful saw that can last all day long and does not need batteries, you should take some time to look at this saw and see if you are comfortable with a worm drive saw.  Worm drive saws have the blade on the left so if you look at the saw blade to follow the line, it is easier to use for most.  In some ways, the love/hate of these circular saws seems to be split by the half of the country you live in, but really, it all boils down to what you are used to and if this is comfortable for you.  Most worm drive saws are also more powerful and lighter than regular circular saws.

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