Bosch Power Tool Tough

The Bosch Brute Tough drill has been a legend among professions and has now been upgraded with a brushless motor.  The 18 volt Bosch HDH183 Brushless Brute Tough 1/2 In. Hammer Drill/Driver is the same tough, professional drill, but packaged to be more lean on the jobsite.  If you buy this drill as a kit, you will receive two 18 V 4.0 Ah FatPack batteries and a fast charger (capable of charging a dead 18 V 4.0 Ah battery to 80% in 25 minutes and to 100% in 35 minutes). The HDH183 continues with Bosch Power Tool’s commitment to safety by providing kickback control. KickBack Control is an integrated acceleration sensor that automatically shuts the tool down when a potentially dangerous rotational torque reaction occurs in a bind-up scenario.

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Amazon:  Bosch HDH183-01 18V EC Brushless 1/2″ Hammer Drill/Driver

Along with safety comes quality.  The precision clutch has 25+1 settings for accurate fastener driving. The new drill has an upgraded all-metal chuck, and it delivers outstanding bit grip. The Brute Tough Drill has 663 In.-Lbs. of torque, a no-load BPM of 0-31,500 and a no-load RPM of 0-2,100 RPM. The HDH183 has a two speed gearbox.  Level 1 (high-torque driving 0-480 RPM) and Level 2 (high-speed drilling 0-2,100 RPM).


  • KickBack Control turns off drill in bind-up scenario
  • Precision clutch with 25+1 settings
  • Upgraded all-metal chuck
  • EC Brushless motor delivers 663 In.-Lbs. of torque
  • Weighs just 5.5 Lbs. with 4.0Ah Battery  but
  • High-speed (0-2,100 rpm) and high torque (0-480 rpm) also delivers 0-31,500 bpm
  • Sure-grip side-assist handle included
  • Ergonomic grip zone
  • LED with feedback
  • Longer belt clip

Safety First

The new Bosch Brute Tough Drill continues the anti kickback feature from their current brushed Brute Tough 18V hammer drill.  This feature is perfect for everyone, but stands out on a busy jobsite where nothing, including the places you have to drill holes, are perfect.  The side handle for a 2 handed grip should be used when applicable, but there is not always space for it, so the anti-kickback is impartant.  Plain and simple, the safety features of the Bosch Power Tools Brute Tough Drill will keep workers on the jobsite by reducing injury.

We do not feel that many were surprised with the torque rating of 663 in-lbs torque.  This is a Bosch Power Tool.  It is built to perform on the jobsite, not built to impress on a piece of paper.  You need to get this drill in your hands to understand.  Even though Dewalt, Makita, Metabo, and Milwaukee all offer 800+ in-lbs torque, none of them have a kickback control included.  In our review of the Dewalt DCD996, we advised our viewers to use the side handle in almost all situations as that drill have so much power that it can easily cause injury.  Is the goal to beat on your chest and tell your friends you have the most powerful drill or to go home to the family at night and return to work the next day injury free?

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In our years of using tools, the spec sheet is nice to see, but it is not always a picture of how the tool will work in the real world.  While the Brute Tough’s torque is not top of the line, the drill does excellent for its size and provides a lot of safety that is needed in today’s jobsites.