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Bosch 18v EC Brushless 1/2 In. Square Drive Impact Wrench – IWMH182

Small Impact Wrenches

IMG_20160531_080857869Compact and light weight impact wrenches have been the first tool out of our cabinet for most of our projects.  While we enjoy the very large and incredibly powerful impact wrenches, we simply do not like to pay the price of using them all day when the job can be done with a smaller and less powerful unit.  Bosch introduced the IWMH182 as a mid-torque brushless impact wrench and it is small and light enough to fit into our arsenal of tools that “get the job done!”  This small impact wrench still provides a solid 185 foot pounds of power.  I will say Bosch might have under rated this unit.  While completing multiple tasks on different cars and trucks, the tool worked great in fit into some tight spots.


  • 18V EC Brushless motor for 2x life of a  conventional motor
  • Electronic Motor Protection (EMP) protects motor against overload
  • Balanced construction offers less fatigue
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Three LED design provides maximum illumination of work area
  • Smallest grip diameter for great ergonomics

Need for a Small Tool

IMG_20160531_080923771Lots of guys roll through our shop and ask us questions about the tools we are using.  The comment on this tool was why one needs another impact wrench when they already have one that has 5 times the power of this one.  After the fourth person asked this and my explanation, sounding like a speech I had made over and over in college, made me realize that many people have impact wrenches for that one or two times a year that they complete a task.  If you truly had to use that large impact wrench all day on tasks that do not need the nut busting power they produce, you would be begging for a smaller and lighter version.

IMG_20160531_080820122This is where Bosch hit the nail on the head with this tool.  It is very light weight and balanced.  The grip is small and the tool feels incredibly easy to move around and use in almost any situation.  In automotive or construction use, this tool is a shoulder saver and fully capable of applying maximum torque to the nuts and bolts that are common to the 1/2″ anvil.  The only downside that we found in this tool was the trigger, or we might say it is the brushless motor.  Many brushless motors will ramp up in power over a short period and this tool gives the feeling that there is some trigger lag.  If you are used to a pneumatic tool, it will take you a few minutes to acclimate yourself to the lag.  It does not stop the tool from being very useful, it just makes it feel odd at first.


IMG_20160531_080904167Bosch makes some pretty spectacular tools and are well known for their ergonomics and performance.  This tool performs well and is incredibly comfortable to use.  Yes, the trigger has some lag to it, but most people will either not notice or overlook that to use a nice small, lightweight tool like this.  There are smaller and more powerful impact wrenches on the market, but few are as comfortable to use as this Bosch unit.


PRICINGBosch IWMH182B Bare-Tool 18V Brushless Impact Wrench with 1/2″ Square Drive



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