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Amazon Extra Long Box End Ratchet Wrenches | Orion Motor Tech Vs Tekton

Off-Brand Tools

A recent package of Orion Motor Tech 5 piece Combination Extra Long Box End Ratchet Wrench Set started us talking about how much one is willing to spend on tools you do not use much.  Personally, I grab on to a ratchet wrench more than Jeff, but extra long box end ratchet wrenches are only used when working deep in the engine bay if needed.  This package of metric wrenches is the only wrenches that Orion Motor Tech sells and it lead us to do some research on other products they sell on Amazon.  Their website was a bust so the only information on Orion is through Amazon.  To me, this stinks because if there ever was a warranty issue, the only company you can rely on is Amazon.

While doing some wrenching on our 1971 Corvette project, we used these tools and started to compare them to the same kit you can get from TEKTON WRN77164 Extra Long Flex-Head Ratcheting Box End Wrench Set that has one more wrench.  At first glance, the only difference is that the Tektons are 6 point where the Orion Motor Techs are 12 point.  After looking at them further, there are other size differences.  The price on the Orion Motor Tech set is $74.99 and the price on the Tekton set is $127.99.  There is a significant difference in price for DIY tools.

Long and Short

On our end, we ended up with mixed results with Jeff opting to save the money now hoping that nothing happens to the wrenches in the future while I opted to spend more now knowing there was a company backing me up with a replacement if one were to break.  Both choices make sense and it matters the most on how often these wrenches would get pulled out of your toolbox.  We both agree that we would rather have another car in the garage than have a set of Snap-On Tools.

We go back to the fact that Orion Motor Tech only sells this one set of wrenches and does not even put their name on them.  They are obviously copies of another brand, possibly with poor materials.  Other than China, we do not know where these wrenches came from.

Our question to you is this; Would you purchase tools from Amazon that are one-off like Orion Motor Tech’s?

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One Response to “Amazon Extra Long Box End Ratchet Wrenches | Orion Motor Tech Vs Tekton”

  1. Justin Kendall #

    Nope. I’m only buying brands I know or can be found in other retailers whether online or Lowes/Home Depot. If I was looking for a cheap set of wrenches I’d probably just go with Husky or Kobalt depending on who makes what I need. If I’m looking for quality wrenches I’m buying Gearwrench every time unless I decide I feel like dropping way more money than I should on Wera.

    I actually don’t think I own any no name tools. Maybe the O2 sensor socket I had to buy and didn’t want to spend a lot on but even that I think is Gearwrench or Tekton.

    January 2, 2018 at 10:54 am Reply

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