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1971 Corvette C3 Small Block 383 Build Parts List from Summit Racing With 453 HP & 489 Ft Lbs Torque

Project C3 Corvette

Building a 383 stroker is very affordable for anyone who plans to do any crank work in a rebuild.  Most Gen 1 large journal small block cracks cost the same for a 350 or a 383.  There is very little machining needed for these kits and they are very easy to install.  383 stroker kits will increase your torque output significantly.  In our case, we have a Chevrolet 350 L48 out of a 1971 Corvette that was factory rated at 270 hp.  In 1971 that rating was a crank rating without any accessories, so in reality, it was a 220 horsepower motor.  We decided to start over completely and build a nice 450 hp 500 ft-lb torque 383 stroker that would fit under the hood of our Corvette and also be very reliable.

Finding the Parts You Need

If you are looking to build a nice motor and still have it fit under a stock Corvette small block hood, there are a few items that you need.  First, the most common error is the intake manifold because many know that they are giving up power with a low single plane.  But there is only one, yes, only one, Edelbrock manifold that will work and it is the Torquer II.  You will give up some upper-end horsepower in your build with it.  Also, in order to fit a low filter cover, you cannot use a mechanical secondary carburetor and have to use a vacuum secondary unit.  Yeah, that sucks, but when properly tuned, they still work and come in well.  Water pumps are specific along with a long list of weird items.

If you are taking on a task like this, work with a good parts supplier, like Summit Racing because of their service.  We can call and talk to a real person and get sound advice on our specific build.  Many of the parts we purchased needed to be returned, sometimes 3 months later and Summit Racing took everything back and refunded our money.  They even paid for shipping to return the items we incorrectly ordered.

Below are links to all the parts we purchased to build our Corvette L48 350 into a nice 383 stroker.  This includes all new hardware and all we are using is the block.

Looking at the parts ordered you can see we will have a 9.8:1 compression ratio.  We are aiming for a 10.5:1 compression ration and we will machine down the 72cc heads to make that happen.  Most 72cc heads are the same as 64cc heads but they have more material at the base that can be removed for fine-tuning.

C3 Corvettes needs vacuum for just about everything from the heating system to headlights and windshield wipers.  We needed to have enough vacuum for our power brakes, but also all the other accessories that will be used in this car while driving.  If you plan to put in a larger cam, make sure you are willing to give up some of the items listed as we are cutting it close to being able to run everything when needed.


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