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05-14 Mustang GT Ford Performance SVT Front Brake Upgrade Kit also for V6

With HP Comes Brakes

While every current Ford Mustang is capable of a single stop from maximum speed at or near the limit of tire adhesion from the factory.  But, the braking systems of these sports cars are not adequate for hard or sport driving, especially once one has added more horsepower and changed the suspension. Most stock brake systems lack sufficient thermal capacity – the system’s ability to absorb and transfer heat by conduction, convection, and radiation into the air or surrounding structure during severe driving. In addition, most OEM brake pads are also not designed for severe use, since cold stopping performance and quiet operation typically are considered more important to new car buyers, even in the mid-range sports car market.

Several factors should be considered in the selection of high-performance aftermarket braking systems. Some have to do with performance and safety, some with ease of installation and some with cost. The object is to select the system that will reliably fulfill your long-term needs with the least trouble and the least cost.

Ford Performance SVT Front Brake Upgrade Kit (05-14 GT, V6)

Our choice to upgrade to the Ford Performance SVT kit is due to many factors including cost and the fact that this is a complete kit that includes matching rear pads.  This kit is similar to the Ford Mustang GT Brembo option or the Track Pack option.  This is the exact same brakes that were stock on the 2007-2009 Ford Mustang GT500.  The kit includes:

Cost wise, this kit from Summit Racing (Ford Racing M-2300-S) is the best stopping power for your buck when compared to the other big brake options on the market.

Easy Installation

Installing this kit is very easy with a few good tools.  There is nothing that is overly special, but some tools can help you make some tasks a bit more simple.  The brake service kit to help ratchet in the rear brake caliper to fit new brakes is a fairly cheap tool that many automotive enthusiasts should keep in their tool box.  Also, the Milwaukee M12 ratchets make working on smaller fasteners a breeze.  Here is a list of tools we used on the project.

Stop on a Dime

Our YouTube video walks you through each step of the installation and it can be completed easily in a driveway with some jacks.  This is not a difficult project, just take your time when bleeding the brakes to make sure that no air gets past the master cylinder.  Once complete, your Mustang will lose the mushy pedal feel because of the stainless steel brake lines and the calipers and pads will grip and have the thermal capacity to survive heavy duty track use.

Many would argue that a Mustang should come from the factory with these brakes, and some do if you ordered your car right.  Either way, it is nice to have an affordable option for cars that did not get spec’ed with the Track Pack or Brembo Upgrade.

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