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    Thinking of retiring?

    Better read this first.

    One of my uncles lives in Georgia & worked for Moultrie Machining and Manufacturing for over 39 years.
    He was within 10 days of being there 40 years exactly. When he started, they had a policy of full retirement
    at 40 years of service. They had lower levels of retirement at lesser years of service.

    Anyway, they fired him for no reason because he was fixing to get his full retirement.
    This was early in 2016. He immediately filed a wrongful termination lawsuit & put a lien on their tools & land.
    Turned out, the company was bought by the Chinese & they fired everybody.

    They started packing up the machining tools to ship to China as soon as they kicked everyone to the curb.
    That's where my uncle was smarter than they thought. It turned out they couldn't ship anything because there was a lien
    against them.

    Anyway, it's been working thru the courts for the last 2.5 years & he finally won his judgement against the company.
    It turned into a class action lawsuit & the Chinese were in a hurry to get those tools out of the country before even worse sanctions kick in.
    Everyone who got fired who was eligible for retirement got their lump sum payment last week.
    Since my uncle filed the lawsuit originally, he got his money first. He even got 2.5 years of interest at 10% on top of it.

    Make sure you CYA if you plan on retiring.

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    Congratulations to your uncle. My Dad fought the same battle with his employer of 38 years. They were a great company to work for, but were bought out by a corporate giant. Many years of frustration, but a fight, he wanted to fight, a battle he wanted to win. Old paperwork, that he saved, was recognized by the courts and the deciding factors in his award.

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    Thanks. That's what saved my Uncle too. He saved all his paperwork for the last 40 years working there.
    He even had his original contract he signed when he started. They weren't counting on that part.
    It saved his ass & he got his full retirement equivalent in a lump sum payment.
    That includes fully paid health coverage for the rest of his life & for my aunt as well.

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    Congrats man!!! I am 25 and i am thinking of retiring before my 30s that's insane right? But seeing people doing so much of hardwork for their entire life really inspires me. THanks for sharing this experience. Humans have become so greedy that we don't care or respect other people's hardwork. Luckily your uncle is smart but there are people facing this same problem all around the world.



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