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    Went off my meds...

    For awhile. I was found wandering around the local K-mart naked & babbling.
    They took me away for awhile.
    They gave me lots of nice meds.

    They shaved my head & even gave me a free operation.

    So, Hi Fellas.

    Hide your wimmins.

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    Ridgid 2nd Post

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    Pile of sawdust in TX
    Were there any blue light specials? I remember those as a kid. ☺
    One can never have too many guns.


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    Feb 2016
    Quote Originally Posted by green and red man View Post
    Were there any blue light specials?
    No, but my old computer got the blue screen of death.
    I bought another new Dell. My last one lasted 12 years thru plenty of use.
    I hope the new one lasts that long.

    I hurt my back again bad this time. I spent 3 weeks in bed.
    It still hurts like sin.
    I ended up hitting the ER & got a nerve block shot just to get back on my feet.
    I was so doped up on meds, I didn't know what day it was for 3 weeks.

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    Feb 2017
    I don't often respond to posts but I to had a bad back problem and had the the same shot between l4 and l5 in my back. Never thought a person could be in that much pain and live. No sleep for weeks. I feel for you and hope the pain goes away for you soon.

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