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    How did you spend your Labor Day weekend, for those in the USA.

    How did you spend your Labor Day weekend for those in the USA? I attempted to install 200 feet of chain link fence, which is the first time doing so. The weather was supposed to be great all weekend, but that was a lie. Also had to do extra brush clearing and tree trimming on the back corner. The wife changed the layout by adding fencing, a single walking gate to the back, and switching another single walking gate to a double for easier lawnmower access. The changes meant changing the layout I had already done and a trip back to the home center for extra supplies.

    So now its 20 feet wider, has two single 3-foot walk-through gates, one 6-foot double walk/drive gate, and a 10-foot double drive-through gate. 4,900sqft should be plenty of space for three pugs to run around. They will still get to run around the rest of the yard while I'm outside and can keep an eye on them. The fence is so they can go outside and not have to have us out there. Also, help when friends and family bring dogs that are runners. No more having to chain them up.

    Thought I'd get the pole poles finished today but had another weather delay. Didn't think it was a good idea to play with metal poles in a lighting storm. Oh well, guess it will get finished over the week after work. I'm done, time to go to a BBQ.

    How did you spend your Labor Day weekend, for those in the USA.-img_20190902_171045560-1280x720-.jpg

    All the terminal & corner posts are set in concrete; the line poles are just sitting in their holes waiting to be concreted in.
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