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    PSA about cheap F-style bar clamps....

    About 10 years ago, I bought some cheap F style bar clamps off Ebay.
    I went to glue up a small project the other day only to find out the clamps were not ground flat where the jaws meet.
    They are rounded over, which caused my project to shift & dry crooked. Now I have to sand the chit out of it to fix it.

    Now I have to grind the jaws flat so my projects won't shift again.
    Just a heads up if you own these.
    If you look in the pics below, you can see where the screw jaw meets the flat jaw. It's the flat jaw that's rounded over slightly
    because some cheap ass decided to save a nickle on labor & not grind them flat.

    PSA about cheap F-style bar clamps....-f-clamp.jpg

    PSA about cheap F-style bar clamps....-f-clamp2.jpg

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