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Thread: Mom & Pop Hardware Stores...

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    Mom & Pop Hardware Stores...

    I am lucky enough to have a M&P hardware store about 3 miles from my home.
    They have been in business since the 1940's, and they get more of my business
    than the BORG does. I had to get a 27/64" drill bit the other day.

    I looked online & PSI had one for $24 or so, and Amazon wasn't much better.
    It can't be a brad point bit, because I am drilling plastic with it.
    (It's for a Gatsby pen kit if anyone's interested.)
    Anyway, I needed some other stuff so I figured I'd try to find the bit there.
    Sure enough, after looking for awhile, they had one for $5.
    Made in the USA to boot.

    It's been sitting in the pouch in the cabinet for so long, it's oxidized.
    But, it was there & only $5. So, I got one. I came home and cleaned it up so it's brand new shiny now.

    Anyway, it got me to thinking. How many of you guys are lucky enough to have a M&P hardware store
    close to you? They are closing up shop because of the big box stores, but mine is still hanging tough.
    The people are friendly, know me by sight, and always greet you with a smile.

    I wasn't in the store 3 mins. the other day & I was asked twice if I needed any help.
    Since I've been going there for 35 years, I know pretty much where everything is located.
    They always seem to have at least one of what I need, and the guys will brainstorm with you
    to come up with a fix to your problem.
    Coffee is still a quarter a cup, based on the honor system.
    You get a cup of coffee, you put a quarter in the box next to the pot.

    Sure, some items are a little more expensive than the BORG, but it pays to keep a M&P store in business by paying a little more. The help & friendliness alone is worth the extra few cents.
    I bet you can't recall ever getting a cup of fresh hot coffee for a quarter in any big box store.

    I have fond memories of going to the hardware store with my Dad as a kid.
    As long as I didn't touch anything, everything was cool.
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    I'm with you on going to the small box and mom & pop shops as much as possible. When I lived in Bay City, MI I used to shop at Putz's Hardware all the time. Now that I live 20 miles away, its way too far away to do hardware shopping. Now I have to shop at small box, local chain stores. My first choice is Gillroy's Hardware, they have 25 stores and my local one in Frankenmuth is like a maze. It's made of three old interconnected buildings and has the old squeaky wood floors. They too have the coffee and a popcorn machine. Up on the second floor is the old discounted items. You never know what you will find there. A couple of years ago I bought a 50lb box of cut nails for $10. I use them on "rustic" and barn wood projects. My next choice is Self Serve Lumber, this one has 19 locations and is headquartered locally. If I can't find it there I will go to a True Value or Ace. Even though they are both large corporations their locations are franchised by mom & pop outfits. So most of the money stays in the area, plus each store is different. I just like the difference in stores, no set products, no set layout. I have three True Values and one Ace within nine miles, all completely different.

    The only local hardware store that I do not shop at is not in the best neighborhood of South Saginaw/Buena Vist MI. This was the major crime area that put Saginaw on the FBI's most dangerous cities (#5) in the country four years in a row. I went in there once because I needed some flux and solder right away due to a burst pipe. They were the closest place that was open on a Sunday night. I was way out of place with my skin color. Apparently, they don't get many white boys in there. I don't care what color you are but to the people hanging out there it did. They didn't take their eyes off me for one second. Which was a shame because the owner seemed really nice. Should have guessed going in because the windows are always covered with painted plywood because they've been shot out. Haven't been back there since. I'll drive through that neighborhood, just don't shop there much. Although the crime rate has dropped a lot and new businesses are opening so it is getting better.
    ... I didn't do it!

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    My M&P closed up about 15 years ago and I don't have a choice except the Borgs. When we bought our house in 77 we had one that taught me all kinds of things in home repair, I was only 20 and knew nothing about construction or plumbing.

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    We still have one, sign at the back door up the stairs "MAIN ENTRANCE"! The guy that runs it now grew up there, his dad owned it for several years. I don't go there as much as I should, but do some.

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    If your local mom and pop hardware stores are now ace are they still mom and pop? They are still family owned and operated.

    If so we are actually lucky in that they are quite plentiful around here.



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